Relate has a separate admin settings page from the app. Only admins can make changes to the workspace.

To access Relate Admin:


Click each tab below to learn more about what each role (Admins, Members, Guests) can do in the admin page.

Admins will be able to:

  • Update your Workspace name and logo.
  • Update your Workspace default currency.
  • Enable/disable the Prospect feature.
  • Invite new members to your Workspace.
  • Manage memberships.
  • Connect with email.
  • Integrate with other software apps.
  • Manage API keys used for Zapier.
  • Import data into Relate.
  • Manage and create new pipelines.
  • Manage pipeline stages.
  • Manage custom fields used in your Workspace.


Manage members

See manage members guide:

Manage members


See integrations guide:

Import data

See the import guide:

Import .CSV file into Relate



See the pipeline customization guide:

Multiple pipelines

Pipeline stages

Pipeline stages

Custom fields

See Custom Fields guide:

Pipeline stages

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