Filters lets you add filters to show only the organizations, people, or deals you want to see. Sorters let you sort them in specific order.

For example, you can create a list of organizations that you should follow up on this week. To create this, you can apply a filter Updated at + is after + Date.

Filter data

Apply multiple filters and sorters

You can apply multiple filters and sorters to narrow down the list of organizations, people, or deals. For multiple filters and sorters, you can use one of two options:

  • And: organization/contact that fulfills both Filter A and Filter B.
  • Or: organization/contact that fulfills at least one of the Filter A and Filter B.

Customize Columns

Customize Columns

Record pages in Relate can be customized by clicking the Customize columns button at the top right corner.

  • You can change the order between columns
  • You can choose to hide/show columns

You can save the arrangement by clicking the Save as default button. This customization will be shared with the entire workspace.