You can now build multi-day email sequences with Relate Sequence. Relate Sequence Beta is a simple email automation tool designed for B2B startups and is now available to all Relate paid users during beta.

Beta update

Relate Sequence beta is not yet appropriate for sending large volumes of cold emails but rather for automatically sending follow-up emails to a small batch of customers. For example, you can use Relate Sequence beta for the following purposes:

  • You want to automatically follow up a sales opportunity in the pipeline.
  • You want to automatically follow up on inbound leads.

How to use Relate Sequence


To use the Relate Sequence beta, click the Sequnces (beta) tab on the left main navigation menu.

Then, create a sequence, add emails steps using email templates and variables, and add contacts the sequence.

Using variables


Variables (also known as “mail merge”) makes it easier and faster to send emails from a sequence or manually. Here are the variables we currently support:

  • {{full_name}}: Full name
  • {{title}}: Title
  • {{email}}: Contact email
  • {{phone}}: Contact phone number
  • {{organization}}: Organization name
  • {{domain}}: URL address of the company
  • {{sender_name}}: Name of the sender
  • {{sender_email}}: Sender email
  • {{now_day}}: Today’s date (e.g., “15” if it’s 11/15)
  • {{now_month}}: The current month (e.g., November)
  • {{now_year}}: The current year (e.g., 2023)
  • {{now_weekday}}: Weekday (e.g. Wednesday)

Future update plans

The following features will be added in the next Sequence product:

  • Bulk add contacts using various filters in the Organization and/or People
  • Send emails with different email address(es)
  • Track open rates, click rates, and bounce rates
  • Preview emails you will be sending through sequences