You can send and receive emails directly from Relate. All your emails are synced bi-directionally, meaning that what you see in your original email service will also appear in Relate, vice versa.

Sending a new email

To start sending (and receiving) emails in Relate, you’ll first need to sync your email account.

There are multiple ways to draft new emails — the easiest way is by navigating to Emails. See below short video:

The emails section on the left navigation menu allows you to track all of your drafts in one place. You can also create and manage email templates here.

Another way is by navigating to an Organization detail page. Click Compose email button to create a new draft.

Pop out email drafts

If you want to draft emails while viewing other areas of Relate simultaneously, you can pop out the draft and navigate to your desired location in Relate.

Reply to/forward emails

To forward, reply, or reply all to an email, simply open the thread and find the three buttons on the top right corner.


Receiving emails

New emails received will sync immediately and will be displayed in the Organization communication timeline.

You should be able to see the email appear both in your inbox and in your Organization detail page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)