Create, edit, and share notes with your team for each Organization. You can also create templates to format your notes automatically.


One of the best and easiest ways to improve your sales is always writing notes after each sales call.

Notes in Relate supports markdown syntax and you can also use WYSIWYG styling button located at the top of each draft.

Creating a note

There are multiple ways to create notes — the easiest way is by navigating to Notes.


The note section on the left navigation menu allows you to create and manage note templates. In the future, you can track all of your drafts here.

Also, you can go to an Organization detail page. Then, click Create note to open new draft.

Alternatively, you can create notes directly from your Inbox or any of your Deal pages (e.g., Prospect, Pipeline).

Currently notes do NOT save as a draft.


To use a template for repeat formats, hit Use template after opening a new draft.

Relate has three prebuilt templates - Default, BANT, and MEDDIC.

You can create a new template by clicking + Add a new template.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)