You can now use Relate Connect for Chrome to extract Linkedin profile data (e.g., name, title, company, email address, etc.) and add to Relate automatically.

How to install


  • We support only Google Chrome for now. We will support other Chromium-based browsers (e.g., Arc, Edge, Brave) will soon.
  • We currently support macOS, Windows, and Linux OS

Install Alpha version

Install link

In the link above, choose your OS and follow the instructions to install Relate Connect for Chrome.

Log into Relate within Extension

Once you installed Relate Connect for Chrome, log into Relate within the Extension. If you’re already signed into Relate, the Extension will automatically pick it up and log you in.

How it works

Go to any Linkedin profile page and click on the Relate Connect for Chrome extension button. The extension will extract any publicly available data in the profile page.


To automatically add the extracted data to Relate, choose the workspace you want to add data to, and click Add to Relate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)