In your Inbox, you’ll receive updates on organizations that you follow. You are automatically subscribed to any organization that you create or are assigned to.

You are not able to customize and configure what gets collected in your Inbox.


To access your Inbox, go to Inbox on the left sidebar.

Quickly update deals from your Inbox

Click each item in your Inbox to quickly update the deal. You can do this by using any of the quick action buttons located on the top.

Following and unfollowing organizations

You can follow or unfollow organizations by clicking the Follow button on the top right of the organization detail page.

How updates are displayed

Any new messages (e.g., email), new deals added/edited, or comments and notes added to an organization that you follow will be displayed in your Inbox.

Using the Inbox as a to-do list

You can use the Inbox as a to-do list since you can get all customer updates here. You can leave items that require additional action in the Inbox. Then, once you’re done with them, you can select Archive to move them to the Archive tab.