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Introducing an entirely new CRM — Relate

Relate is a new sales CRM designed to work out of the box — without extensive customization or hiring implementation consultants.

Relate also has a unique approach to B2B sales that we follow on our own team. This approach works end-to-end — from prospecting to maintaining healthy customer relationships.

With Relate, you can track all your ongoing sales activities in one place, such as deals, customer emails, and much more.

Our goal is to make go-to-market simple.

Our goal is to make go-to-market simple and easy for B2B companies.

We’ve built many SaaS products and tried to go to market with them before. In our effort, we struggled to use a proper CRM because existing solutions were clunky, slow, and expensive if you buy higher-tier plans.

Relate was inspired by our own needs here at Relate team. We build software that we want to use ourselves.

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