Learn how to use Relate


Relate lets you build all your communication history for each organization you work with in one place.

The Organizations feature collects your Deals, Email history, Notes, etc. and displays them in one view.

Get to know Relate’s structure

  • Organization = Companies you are selling to. They can be both prospects and customers

  • Person = People that work for the companies you’re selling to.

  • Deal = Sales opportunity

People and Deal are both part of an Organization. A Person can exist without being part of an Organization, but Deal cannot exist without an Organization.

Adding a new Organization

Add Org

You can add a new Organization by clicking +Organization button as shown in the screenshot above.

When you’re creating a new Organization, you can also create a Person. Click Add contact data located at the bottom of the modal.

Organization Detail Page

The Organization detail page collects all your communication history, deal history, and contact information in one view.

Organization Detail

Org detail

On the left side, you can see the Organization’s information (eg., Company Name, Website, etc.). You can also check out any available deal history here.

At the center, you can see people contact information.

Organization Communication Timeline

Org detail timeline

On the right side, you can see two things — (1) notes (e.g., updates, meeting notes, etc.), (2) email history with the Organization (people).

Use the commenting section to communicate internally with your teammates.


Sending a new email

You can use Relate’s email feature to send new emails to your customers.

1. Send a new email

Click Compose email button on the top right corner in your Organization detail page to create a new email draft. Once you are ready to send, click Send button to send.

Currently, new emails sent directly from Relate does NOT appear in Relate real time. Rest assured, the email was sent, it just didn’t appear right away. If you want to double check whether your email was sent, go to your original email service and check your Sent folder.
To start sending emails, you must connect your email first.

2. Forward, Reply, or Reply All


To forward, reply, or reply all to an email, simply open the thread and find the three buttons on the top right corner.


Creating a note

One of the best and easiest ways to improve your sales is always keeping your customer information up-to-date. This means that you should always be writing meeting notes and status updates!

There are four types of Notes in Relate:

  • Meeting Note
  • Phone Call Note
  • Zoom Call Note
  • Other Note — used when you have a status update and/or additional information to share with your team.

The Notes feature supports Markdown syntax as well.


You can share any notes via link.


Click Share button on the top right corner of a note, then switch the toggle on. Then, click Copy link to copy a shareable link.


The shared note looks like this on the web (see above).

Share notes via Slack

You can use Zapier (free account) to set up an automation where Relate will share new notes via Slack.


At Relate, we have a #log-sales Slack channel connected to Relate. Whenever there’s a new note in Relate, this channel will share that immediately.