Organization is one of the most important concepts in Relate. It’s the entity that you’re building relationships with and engaging in a deal. An Organization can be a prospect, current customer, lost customer, and/or churned customer.

People and Deal are both part of Organization. People and Deals cannot exist without an Organization. You must create an Organization first and then add people and deals in the Organization.


Organization Detail page


The Organization Detail page collects all information and data linked to the organization you’re tracking.

This includes organization data, deals, people, tasks, email history, notes, comments, and activities history.

Organization Grid

The Organization Grid is a list view of all organization in your Workspace. In the grid, you can update each field by selecting and double clicking (or hitting Return) the field.

To access the Organization Detail, hit Open located on each organization.


Add a new Organization

Add Org

You can add a new Organization by clicking + Organization button as shown in the screenshot above.

When you’re creating a new Organization, you can also create a Person. Click Add person data located at the bottom of the modal.

Edit Organization fields

You can update an Organization field by navigating to Organization Grid or you can double click a field in the Detail page as well.


Delete an Organization

To delete an Organization, click Delete organization located on the bottom left in the Organization Detail.

Delete org


Add a new Organization via integration

Connecting Relate with other apps like Typeform and Apollo lets you create a new Organization automatically via Zapier.

To learn more about integrating with other tools, see this guide: Zapier guide