Here’s how you can export data stored in Relate as a .CSV file.

People Export

The easiest way to export customer information in Relate is from the People list.

The People list contains the following information:

  • Person Name
  • Title
  • Person Email
  • Phone Number
  • Organization Name
  • Person Custom Fields

You can download the People list by clicking Download Emails as CSV in People List View.

Organization Export

Organization custom field data is currently available as an encrypted .CSV file upon request to [email protected].

However, other than Organization custom fields, all other Organization data can be exported with Deal Export guided below.

Deal Export

If you want to export deal information, you can download from the Reporting page.


Deal exports include the following information:

  • All information contained in the deal card (including custom fields)
  • Organization Nme, Website, Description, Domain, Created At, Updated At, Last Contacted At
  • Contact Name, Title, Email, Phone, Created At

In the Reporting page, you can create a new Basic Table to add the information you want to export. You can then save it as a CSV file to download.