Deals are the core means to track sales opportunities in Relate. Every other concepts such as Organization and People are connected to deals and they represent who you’re engaging with in a deal.

As such, each deal represents a sales opportunity. So you can have multiple deals within an organization.

Deals consist of two sections: (1) Prospect, and (2) Close.



A prospect is a deal that are “work-in-progress” before handoff to closing.

Prospects in Relate are handled through the Prospect feature, accompanied by the Prospect Status.

Close (Pipeline)

Once a prospect is marked as Qualified, the deal gets sent to a pipeline.

This is when the Pipeline Stage begins.

In the pipeline, drag and drop each deal card to update its stage accordingly.


Add a new Deal

You can add a new Deal by clicking + Deal in any of the Prospect or Close menus (e.g., Potential, Working, Nurturing, and Pipelines).

Adding a deal

Alternatively, you can add a new Deal from the Organization Detail page. This allows you to link the Deal to that Organization directly. Note that deals are always tied to an organization.

Each deal has a unique ID (e.g., DEAL-1234) - this makes it easier to reference when discussing a specific deal with your team.

Add information to a Deal

In a Deal, you can add information such as:

  • Organization: The organization you’re selling to (this is required)
  • Person: Main point of contact from the Organization
  • Value: Value of the sales opportunity
  • Prospect status (this is required)
  • Assignee: Who is leading the deal from your team
  • Notes: Short description or progress update on the deal


Auto-create deals

Creating a new Organization will create a new deal with the Potential status. This allows you to save time creating a corresponding deal for each Organization you create.


Marking a deal Qualified status will send the deal to the Close menu — the pipeline.

This automates the SDR -> AE handoff process: when SDR finds a qualified opportunity, they will route the deal to an AE.

These features are experimental - shoot us an email at [email protected] for any feedback or thoughts.

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