The Prospect feature is a place where you engage with your potential customers, qualify them, and handoff to the sales pipeline. In general, the person who assumes the SDR role will use this feature.


To use the Prospect feature, go to the Relate admin page and enable the feature by clicking the checkbox.


Once the feature is turned on, you should see the Prospect feature on your main navigation menu.


If you do not see it, hit ⌘+R (Ctrl+R for Windows) to refresh.


Managing Prospect Status

Prospect deals have statuses that define the order and progress of each prospect (=lead) that goes through from start to handoff to pipeline.

Prospect Status has a default set and order:

  • Potential
  • Working
  • Nurturing
  • Bad Fit
  • Qualified

See the Prospect Status guide for more details.

Automatic workflows

Setting a prospect status triggers automation to send to each status list accordingly.

For example, if you set a prospect status from Potential to Working, then the prospect will move to the Working list and you’ll no longer see the prospect in the Potential list.

Automatically create a new prospect

Relate will automatically create a new prospect and set it as ‘Potential’ whenever there is a new Organization. This will save you time filling in your prospect list.

Set Prospect Status

There are multiple ways to set Prospect Status for each prospect.


The easiest way is to set them directly from the grid view. You can also set them on the Organization detail page.

If you want to bulk edit statuses for multiple prospects, you can select the desired prospect(s) and use the modal at the bottom of the screen to set the statuses.


Start a new sales process for lost deals

Losing a deal does not mean you cannot sell to the same customer again later. Many times customers come back if situations change.

In Relate, you can create multiple sales processes to track new deals. To start a new sales process for a lost deal, go to the Organization page and select the organization linked to that lost deal. Click Start sales process on the bottom of the page. This will create a new prospect so that you can track the opportunity as a separate deal.