Integrations + Relate

You can integrate and Relate to prospect and manage potential customers.

Use Relate + Apollo Zapier Template

1. Connect Apollo + Relate

First, find Apollo and Relate from the first page you see after logging into Zapier. In the second row, choose “New Contact” from Apollo and “Generate Lead & Contact” from Relate.

With this integration, saving a new contact in Apollo will automatically create a new lead and contact in Relate.

Click the “Try it” button to continue.


2. API Key Input

Find your Apollo API Key


This screen will show up as the next step. You can paste the Apollo API Key in the first box. You can find Apollo API Key on your Apollo developer settings page.

In the second box, type in your Apollo Account name. (Ex: Won’s Apollo Integration)

Find your Relate API Key


Next, you need to type in the Relate API Key. You can find Relate API Key from the Relate Admin Page → Integrations → Zapier.



Click “Generate API Key” to generate a new API Key. You won’t be able to see the generated API Key for security purposes. Copy the API Key and click “I stored this key” to save.

3. Set up Zapier Trigger and Action


After connecting APIs, you can set up on the Edit page. In the Trigger section, click the “Test trigger” button to test Apollo account connection. If the test is successful, move on to the Action section.


In the Action section, test Relate connection first. Then, go to the “Set up action” and match customer information with data fields in Relate.

There are required data fields.

  • Company Name
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Email

If some of the customer information doesn’t match the data field in Relate, you can add them in the Note section. This will create a note in Relate with the customer information you choose.

You can also find this note in your Inbox, so you can use it as a reminder that a new contact has been created.

If you leave the Deal section blank, it won’t create a new deal. To create a new deal, you need to add information in the Deal section. (Ex: Deal Assignee, Deal Status, etc.)


Lastly, click the “Test action” button to test, and publish the Zap. You can change the name of the Zap in the top left corner.