A fresh coat of paint



Relate gets a fresh coat of painting! Also fixed a LOT of bugs and issues. There are much more bug fixes and improvements not mentioned in this changelog (we just added the ones that impact end user experience significantly).

UI Update


Relate just got a new fresh coar of painting 🎨. We still have some more UI updates in progress — you should be able to see them very soon :-)

Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved: Added last_contacted_at column to the Organization list
  • Improved: Made contact email address string selectable
  • Improved: Made loading state appear when the user logs in
  • Improved: Images and attached images in emails are now displayed
  • Improved: Edited error validation message when the user does not add email template name
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where deal list is not sorted properly
  • Fixed: Fixed a bug where deal list view does not show up whenever changes are made to the list
  • Fixed: Fixed multiple bugs related to Organization/People list data grid
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where text gets lost when the user replies to an existing email thread or uses a template
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where Sent via Relate gets added twice when using email templates
  • Fixed: Datetime/Date display issues
  • Fixed: Fixed a bug where email history folds didn’t work properly

Last updated: May 07, 2023