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Introducing even better Relate

Aug 17, 2023
Aug 17, 2023
Aug 17, 2023


Relate is a continuously improving and evolving "work-in-progress" product. We will continue to quickly deliver useful sales tooling and better ways to manage sales!

Early access customers will get all of the newest features and enhancements on the same plan.

All of the updates being pushed this week is probably biggest update since our first version. 30+ enhancements were made as a part of this update.

Note that the Prospect feature will be changed to default "opt-in". If you do not wish to use the Prospect feature, please go to the admin page and disable the Prospect feature.

New Pipeline view

The Pipeline view is one of the most important places that the sales team needs to check daily.

The pipeline view contains information about all of the ongoing sales opportunities, who owns which deal, and any blockers/dependencies that need to be addressed to move deals foward.

We have improved the UI and UX to make it easier and more intuitive for you to track sales deals.

Deal Drawer

Clicking each deal card will display the Organization detail page as well as the customer history timeline. From here, you can take notes on updates related to the Deal or review previous note/email history. While the Organization Detail Page is open, you can apply various Deal-related actions using the action buttons located at the top.

Improved deal card UI

One of the most noticeable improvement is the way information is displayed on each Deal card.

We have added customer logos (automatically enriched) to each Deal card so that you can quickly identify the customer.

Each deal now has a unique ID number (DEAL-1234) as well.

Pipeline stage value display

Previously, the way we showed the value of pipeline stages was a bit complicated.

We now show the aggregated amount by converting One-time, MRR, and ARR to an Annualized value.

Hovering over an amount still shows One-time, Monthly (Annualized), Annual value, and Annualized value as before.

Grid list view update

We've also improved the UI on the Prospecting page (you'll need to enable prospecting in your admin page to use it), as well as on all pages that contain a grid (Organization, People).

Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved: Prevent "To" field from being left blank when composing emails.

  • Improved: Refactored the authentication Vuex module service.

  • Fixed: Changed to set workspace ID on login.

  • Improved: Changed the Inbox Notification model to only update changes.

  • Improved: Fixed email image inline attachments and how attachments are displayed in messages.

  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where filters were not changing when moving data views.

  • Improved: Fixed the way Organization information is displayed in the People List View.

  • Improved: Removed Organization Status.

  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where Tasks were not being added in Prospect.

  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where meeting notes created by users who left the workspace were not visible.

  • Improved: Applied Deal Status Filter to all Opportunities.

  • Improved: Do not show the loading spinner component when loading data from cache.

  • Improved: Made Command+K search only work within the current workspace.

  • Fixed: Fixed an intermittent error when pressing Reply while an email message was loading.

  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where inline images were not visible in Reply.

  • Fixed: Fixed an issue that prevented email templates from being created.

  • Fixed: Removed and refactored unused integration code.

  • Improved: Relate now shows the Workspace logo.

  • Improved: Inbox only shows notifications from the Workspace you are currently viewing.

  • Fixed: Changed email templates to apply to the front of the email body when applied.

  • Fixed: Refactored the Datagrid data controller code.

  • Improved: Changed the app to minimize to the Tray when exiting, instead of closing completely, and made it visible in menu items.

  • Improved: Changed the Relate logo.

  • Improved: Changed to show the menu you are currently working on and show Deal Status.

  • Improved: Removed Note Type from the Org detail page and made it possible to create notes on any page that shows the customer timeline.

  • Fixed: Request email re-authentication in case of invalid access token.

  • Improved: Actions included in deals can now be handled with shortcuts.

  • Improved: Changed the webapp site from web.relate.so to app.relate.so, and moved the old settings page address of app.relate.so to admin.relate.so.

  • Improved: Improved the ability to edit Deal information directly from the Organization field section.

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