Pricing Your SaaS Product

Pricing Your SaaS Product, How to Compete with the Leader, 14 Things to Become More Customer-Centric

Won You
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Pricing Your SaaS Product

Two most important things when pricing your SaaS product are Value Metric and Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Your product cannot serve everyone, so it is essential to understand what you ICP is. Understanding ICP is not just naming your potential customer segments. You must be able to explain the differences between segments with specific metrics.

Then, you must find the value that you are delivering to your customers, you need Value Metric to measure how much you delivered.


How Do You Steal Customers From the Leader in the Space?

First, you must not hide from the leader. You must be present where your competitors are. Why?

  • 80%+ of customers will buy the top brand, but not 100%.
  • You often get another chance at the deals you lose, but you have be remembered and present.
  • Market to all lost deals, not just current prospects.
  • Be the more enterprise choice.
  • Offer a partial transition, and/or start with one group or department.
  • Offer buy-out deals.

14 Things You Can Do Right Now to Be More Customer-Centric

Being more customer-centric is always right. Here's 14 things you can do right now to be more customer-centric.

  1. Launching new features that matter every quarter that customers don't have to pay more for.
  2. A named Customer Support Manager customers can talk to.
  3. No material annual price increases on existing customers for the same exact edition.
  4. No rip-off contracts.
  5. Customers can downgrade plans.  
  6. Make sure every customer would be OK if they knew the price every other customer paid.
  7. Pilots are fine and even encouraged.
  8. Downtime is disclosed honestly and in real-time.
  9. New solutions to more of their problems.
  10. No need to talk to an SDR if a customer doesn't want to.
  11. Year 2, 3, 4... and 10 are earned.
  12. Customers can buy the way they want to and are used to.
  13. Professional services that are awesome.
  14. Support in minutes, not hours or days.

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