Return of Complex Tools

Drop May 24, 2021

quote of the day:

"You cannot get a simple system by adding simplicity to a complex system."
Richard O'Keefe

Return of Fancy Tools

@tom macwright

The technology is seeing the return to Complexity. We were fine with folders and MS Word until Notion came along and made things simpler and more beautiful (a lot more). Then, being able to add automation and workflows and connect between notes became essential. So, here we are with Coda, Airtable, and Roam.

The pendulum between Simplicity and Complexity swings back and forth all the time. These changes aren't bad because we are all better off with more choices that tailor to our preferences as consumers. (link)

8 productivity apps that will instantly improve your work

@hyperinbox blog

Okay. Aside from the clickbait title, these eight tools – including ours (Hyperinbox) – are really great tools to adopt for work. I am a power user for all of them. They help me focus better, monitor/track time better, save more time, capture thoughts and ideas better, and house every communication I make across various tools. (link) A list:

  • Rize
  • Flow for macOS
  • Zappy
  • Alfred for macOS
  • Tempo
  • Drafts
  • Roam
  • Hyperinbox


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