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Relate Docs: When PDF meets Google Analytics

Today, we're excited to introduce Relate Docs, a free platform for tracking and sharing B2B documents.

Christopher Chae
· 2 min read
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When you send a document, such as a sales deck or a proposal, you might wonder if your prospect looked at it or forwarded it to someone else. If the latter, then who did they share the document with?

Relate Docs is the latest addition to the Relate platform that answers this question.

Today, we're excited to introduce Relate Docs, a free platform for tracking and sharing B2B documents.

Think of it as having Google Analytics for your PDFs, allowing you to see who is viewing your documents and how much time they are spending on each page.

Let's explore some practical uses of Relate Docs.

Use Case 1. Turning views into sales opportunities

In the world of B2B sales, customers often take time to make decisions. By monitoring when a prospect shows interest in your documents—like sales decks or webinar slides—you can reach out at the right moment to schedule a meeting.

Relate Docs allows you to require email addresses to access your content, giving you valuable insights into who is engaging with your documents.

Use Case 2. Simple B2B lead capture tool

Sharing PDF content, like whitepapers or e-books, is an effective way to gather marketing leads. Relate Docs simplifies this process by integrating lead capture forms with PDF sharing and version control.

Use Case 3. Fundraising

Pitch decks are crucial documents for founders seeking investment. With Relate Docs, you can control access and downloads to sensitive information by sharing links with specific individuals and setting expiration dates for viewing permissions.

Use Relate Docs as a standalone app or use it with Relate CRM

If you already have a CRM and want to use Relate Docs as a standalone app, you can absolutely do so.

But if you use Relate Docs and Relate CRM together, there is no need to set up complex integrations to turn docs visitors into contacts in the CRM.

Both products are free to get started! You can get started free today at Relate.