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2022 Year in Review

2022 was a great year for Relate team. We've summarized a few highlights of 2022 in this post.

Christopher Chae
· 4 min read
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2022 was a great year for Relate team. We've summarized a few highlights of 2022 in this post.

New Customers

In 2022, we welcomed many new customers, including Mintlify, Buzzvil, AIMMO, Veluga, Hexlant, Handium, Footprint, Nextunicorn, and Ascent. There are early customers like PUBLY, Toss, AX, and Neusral who are still with us from the beginning as well!

We appreciate our customers’ support and business :-) We’ll continue to serve our customers in 2023.


We shipped a total of 13 changelogs, with at least 1 major feature update in each log. We also made 200+ fixes and improvements to the product in 2022.

Here are a few features we shipped in 2022:

Data Views, Filtering/Sorting

We shipped Data Views and Filtering/Sorting features to let you save presets for your pipeline, leads, and contacts based on specific conditions you want to filter/sort your customers by. It’s a great way to track relevant customers filtered & sorted by you and your team.

Zapier integration

We shipped Zapier integration to allow Relate to be connected to more than 4,000 apps Zapier integrates with. You can use Zapier + Relate to pipe in data from tools like Typeform,, Webflow, etc., and send data from Relate.

Revenue tracking

Relate’s simple revenue tracking features let you see potential value for each pipeline stage. You can track one-time, monthly, annual, and annualized value for all your deals.

If you add an Organization’s website link or an email address we will display a logo image automatically.

Email sending

You can now send, reply to, and forward emails directly from Relate. We recently shipped file attachment downloads and previews in Relate as well :)

You can share Relate notes publicly via links. Any note enabled to share via links will be visible to anyone with the link. Side note, you can also directly send new notes to Slack channels using our Slack integration.

Custom Field

Relate lets you create custom fields to track various types of customer data at the Organization, Person, and Deal-level. You can use User, Person, Single/Multi-selection, Integer, Multi-line text, and Date formats for the custom field.

Organization Status

You can now use Relate’s Organization Status to manage the status of your relationship/stage with a lead company. Organization Status is a valuable tool that lets you see the current relationship with a customer or prospect. Do they need to be nurtured? Do they qualify your business? Are they already a customer? Have they churned?

We got into Y Combinator

We got into YC’s Summer 22 batch!

During YC, we were fortunate to meet with Paul Graham and get his feedback on our startup. Here’s a link to an article we wrote right after getting into YC.

We spent the summer in Silicon Valley and invited the whole team over and spent some time together.

We also did a billboard ad on US 101 in San Francisco and Times Square in New York City, thanks to our friends over at Brex :-)

Pre-seed funding

We raised a total of $2.6m in pre-seed funding from Y Combinator, Bass Investment, Translink Investment, Bon Angels Venture Partners, with participation by angel investors John S. Kim, CEO of Sendbird, Nate Matherson, CEO of ContainIQ, Sungmoon Cho, CEO of Chartmetric, Joseph Moon, CEO of, Sangwook Lim, Partner at Xenon Partners, Jeremy Hindle, Managing Partner at Fundament, and Keeyong Han, CTO of Grepp USA.

300-person offline paid sales conference

We hosted a 300-person offline/paid GTM conference covering topics including sales, marketing, and customer success! It was a 2-day conference featuring many industry experts including Thom Kim, CRO of Indent Corp, Sangwook Lim, Partner at Xenon Partners, Jinho Yang, COO of Toss Lab (Jandi), and Hailey Seo, Head of Marketing at Opensurvey.

We’re now 9 strong, located in 4 different cities

We became a 9-person team, distributed across Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, and Seoul 🌍. We’re a fully remote company — working around the clock! 🕖

Big thanks to y’all

We thank all of you for supporting us throughout 2022. 2022 was a year of many changes, growth, and exciting events — in 2022 we were able to ship great features, meet hundreds of founders through YC, raise from great investors, welcome many customers, and build a 9-person team.

Always be selling!

-- Relate team