100 Product Manager Tools: Tools that will Save You $$$

The Official Guide for 100 tools that product managers love.

Christopher Chae
· 6 min read
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Building product is hard. And expensive. It takes a lot of time, money, and people to build a product that's loved by customers. Luckily, we have tools to keep our costs low and make sure we are up to speed on delivery. As ex-product managers and now founders, we understand the difficulties of managing products.

That is why we created this list: 100 Product Manager Tools, tools that will save you $$$. These are one hundred tools that exist today so you don't have to reinvent the wheel to deliver great products. It's not just about the money per se; it's also about freeing your time so you can focus on more important things.

We didn't come up with this list out of the blue; this list is a byproduct of hundreds of conversations we made with product managers from some of the world's leading companies: Facebook, Doordash,, Google, etc.

No Mailchimp. No Google Docs. I purposely took out the obvious ones because I wanted this list to be actually useful. There are some well-known ones on it, but only to serve as a comparison for the tools that you discover here. On this list, I hope you find some valuable tools that you haven't seen elsewhere. A lot of these tools are used by our team today; we love them and recommend them to our friends.

Here's the Google Sheets link to see this list in one sheet.

This is a living list and will be updated from time to time. Also, if you have great tools in mind, let us know by emailing us!

Analytics, Insights, A/B Testing

Tool Name Description
Google Optimize Free but powerful A/B testing platform made by Google
Optimizely Leading/premium variate testing platform for modern software teams
Mixpanel Product analytics platform. Analyze user behavior and funnel data
Amplitude Product analytics platform. Analyze user behavior and funnel data
Google Analytics Free but powerful website analytics platform. Great for simple websites.
Bit complex to use with web-based applications
Segment Collect, standardize, and activate your customer data
in the marketing and analytics tools.
Baremetrics Metrics, dunning, and engagement tools for SaaS & subscription businesses.
Instabug Instabug lets mobile teams analyze comprehensive bug and crash reports,
in-app surveys, and real-time user feedback.
Profitwell Pricing optimization software service
Chartio No SQL required cloud-based data exploration,
beautiful charts and interactive dashboards
KISSMetrics Advanced Product Analytics Shouldn’t Break the Bank
Firebase Crashlytics Mobile bug/crash tracking analytics tool
AppAnnie App analytics platform
Pendo Product analytics with user guidance,
communication, feedback, and planning tools.


Tool Name Description
Zapier Easiest way to automate your work. Connect apps like Mailchimp, Intercom, and more. a Zapier-alternative
Unito Work management integration (ex. Jira, Basecamp, Asana, etc.)
so you don't have to switch between apps


Tool Name Description
Stripe Developer-friendly billing API. We use this too.
Zuora Subscription business focused billing API
Buy Me a Coffee Lets creators get paid easier. Great for bloggers, videographers, designers, etc.


Tool Name Description
Clubhouse Jira alternative that lets software teams to focus on software, not the tool
Jira Long-time project mgmt/issue tracker app for agile teams
Asana Task management to replace email for good.
Feedback by Pixelic Painless design feedback and version control made easy.
Swit One work suite that replaces all. Basically Slack + Asana. Tool for iOS developers to compare design and the real app
Zoom Video conferencing that makes you happy
Slack Team communication app
Mattermost Open-source, self-hosted Slack alternative
Trello Simple but effective Kanban-style task management Create beautiful slides in minutes

Content Management System (Blogs)

Tool Name Description
Ghost Open-source blogging platform that has high flexibility De-facto standard blogging platform that's widely used by many users globally

Design as a Service

Tool Name Description
Manypixels Unlimited graphic & web design services for a flat monthly fee. We use ManyPixels to outsource all our design materials.
Design Pickle Unlimited graphic design for a flat monthly fee

Documentation, Specs, Knowledge Management

Tool Name Description
Confluence Atlassian-made documentation software that pairs with Jira
Notion All-in-one workspace and documentation for teams A serious Confluence contendent that aims to offer all-in-one documentations for teams
Quip Enterprise-ready documentation software by
FYI Search any document in three clicks
Slite One combined workspace for all your team documentation Best way to organize your thoughts

Email Transactions & Marketing

Tool Name Description Send targeted emails, push notifications, etc. to your customers
Email Octopus Mailchimp-alternative that works for a fraction of Mailchimp's cost. Good for simple email marketing.
Dyspatch Build and send transactional emails faster

Information Architecture and Sitemaps

Tool Name Description
Visio Well-known flowchart maker that comes with Microsoft Office Sleek flow chart maker that lets you create IAs and sitemaps for free Sitemaps and user flows for better UX Userflow creator. Turn your designs into playable user flow diagrams that tell a story.
Dynomapper Sitemap builder


Tool Name Description
Ship by Product Hunt Product launch tool that lets users subscribe & connect with makers
Betalist Discover and get early access to tomorrow's startups
Betapage Community of tech lovers and early adopters
Product Hunt Launch your product here on 12:01am to get the most out of it
Google Ads Keyword Planner Keyword planning to understand where the demand lies

Product Demo

Tool Name Description
Loom Record your screen while showing your face on the corner of the video.
Explainify Product demo video done easy.
Screenspace Promo Easily test your idea with a simple form that's beautifully designed

Product Discovery

Tool Name Description
Productboard Gather insights, prioritize features, manage roadmaps. Great for enterprise product teams with multiple stakeholders.
ProductPlan plan your product roadmap and communicate product strategy
ProdPad product roadmap builder with customer feedback collection, and portfolio mgmt.
Glidr A new approach to product management software that puts feedback, discovery and validations
Productstash Build, customise and share beautiful agile product roadmaps. Roadmap and product strategy brainstorming app

Product Management

Tool Name Description
Pixelic Organize your product roadmap and visualize the state of your product.
Focuses on the delivery aspect of product management. plan, discover, and engage your product. You can manage life cycle of your product on Craft.


Tool Name Description
Toggl Best time tracking app I've used so far
Sunsama Productivity app specifically built for founders and PMs
Krisp A must-have app for remote teams: cancels background noise during meetings
Clockwise Automatically reschedule meetings to give you more free time Another must-have app for remote teams: auto-transcribe/recording tool that integrates with Zoom


Tool Name Description
Figma Sketch-alternative that has shareable/collaboration links
Sketch A classic, widely-used prototyping tool
Balsamiq ridiculously fast wireframing tool
FramerX fast prototyping tool created by ex-Facebook Internal Tools Team
Adobe XD UX/UI Design collaboration tool, part of Adobe Creative Suite
ProtoPie interactive prototyping tool
Mockflow online wireframing tool
InVision The digital product design platform powering the world’s best user experiences

Rapid Prototyping & No-code Apps

Tool Name Description
Airtable Part spreadsheet, part database, and entirely flexible, teams use Airtable to organize their work, their way.
Retool No-code internal tools builder that connects seamlessly with DBs
Instapage Create marketing landing pages super fast with A/B testing
Landen Instapage-alternative that has more flexibility in site-building. We used it to build
Webflow All-in-one no-code website building platform
Revue Good way to test whether your newsletter is worth paying for.
Substack a Revue-alternative that has easier tool to build newsletters
Glide Make real apps with Google Sheets
Typeform Easily test your idea with a simple form that's beautifully designed

User Research/Customer Feedback

Tool Name Description
Intercom CRM/chatbot tool for marketing teams to automate many manual tasks. Also lightweight analytics included.
Drift Conversational marketing/sales-focused Intercom alternative. Has the same basic functionalities as Intercom, only much cheaper.
Beta Testers Get beta testers to use your app Customer feedback collection done easy for product managers
Mynameis Buy the time and attention of your heard-to-reach persona
UserTesting See, hear and talk to your customers as they engage with your products, apps and messaging
Appcues User onboarding platform and customer feedback collection software
UserVoice single platform that gives you all the tools to listen, analyze and close the loop with customer bases and internal teams of any size.
methinks methinks connects you with target customers so that you can ask important questions and learn. Use methinks yourself, or work with us to achieve your research goals, quickly and cost-effectively.