Product Management Software Pixelic Raises $400K to Help Teams to Collaborate Better and Manage Products All-in-One Place

Hyperinbox Jan 9, 2020

Pixelic, a San Francisco, CA-based product management software company raised $400,000 USD in pre-seed funding to further its business. The round was led by SEMA Translink Investment.

Pixelic is a product management software company that enables product managers to visualize product structure and collaborate with engineering and design teams all on one screen. Currently, the Pixelic team is building its first version of the product that will be launched by the end of 2019. A carefully selected group of users will then be invited to use the product as a part of the closed-beta period.

Product Managers today are constantly challenged to solve problems for customers yet work for the business. PMs keep developers and designers aligned on what to build next and make sure every aspect of their products reflect the needs of customers and the business. β€œToday, product managers are fighting an uphill battle trying to make sure engineering, design, sales, marketing, and just about every corporate functions are informed, aligned, and satisfied. There is a need amongst PMs to effectively manage their products beyond generic tools such as project management apps and spreadsheets," said Sangyong (SJ) Jung, CEO of the company.

Often done manually, PMs currently manage such cross-functional initiatives on generic tools such as spreadsheets, wikis, and note-taking apps. Pixelic offers a better way to do product management by visualizing product structures and bringing engineering and design tools together through seamless integration with Jira, Sketch, and Figma.

Enterprise collaboration software market size is estimated to be $48.1 billion by 2024 and is growing at 9.2% CAGR (source).

With a mission to make the remote working experience better, Pixelic is a 100% distributed team spread across North America and Asia. The Pixelic team is focused on building products for the next generation of remote-based companies.

Comprised of product managers, developers, designers, and marketers, Pixelic is uniquely positioned to accelerate its speed to market with a viable product that empowers product managers to effectively manage product structures and collaboration between engineering and design. The Pixelic founders are: Sangyong (SJ) Jung, Bia Boram Yang, and Christopher Chae.

"Pixelic is a well-versed team that has proved to move fast and validate whether an idea is worth scaling or not. SEMA Translink is excited to partner with Pixelic to build the next generation of enterprise software," said Bumsoo Kim, Managing Partner at SEMA Translink Investment, who led the round.


Christopher Chae

Co-founder at Hyperinbox. Loves πŸ• and β˜•οΈ.

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