Launching Hyperinbox: The New Remote Work Stack

Hyperinbox is an asynchronous collaboration tool for remote teams. It has simple and powerful threads that replace chopped real-time communication. Hyperinbox has a unified inbox that lets you get through notifications quickly.

Christopher Chae
· 4 min read
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Today, we’re launching Hyperinbox Private Beta, the new remote work stack built for remote teams to love the way they work, communicate, and collaborate.

Hyperinbox Private Beta is a program for individuals and teams to get early access to the app and to co-design with the founding team. Private Beta users will also enjoy a permanent Pro status.

The Day that Remote Work Killed Your Productivity

At Hyperinbox, we love the way we work. Since Day 1, we’re 100% remote, and being remote helped us ship faster, communicate better, and stay focused longer.

But there were times in the past when work felt burdensome. It was tiring. It was time-consuming. It was energy-draining. Those were the days when remote work killed our productivity.

The root cause of the problem was not remote work per se, but rather the tools we used to work remotely weren’t designed to handle a new and different environment. Tools like Slack and Zoom, which promote real-time communication, aren’t enough for remote teams. Their ubiquitous and real-time connectivity can be counterproductive to remote teams. How? Isn't being connected all the time good? How can it be counterproductive?

Because work doesn't always take place in real-time. Creating real work products requires more "heads-down" time.

Things are just too fast in Slack. It’s hard to keep up with all the new messages, DMs, @channel’s, and mentions that happen across multiple channels in real-time.

The half-life of a Slack message is like an hour. If you don’t see it in the hour, it might as well not exist at all.
– Wade Foster, CEO @ Zapier

Zoom enabled us to see each other’s expressions in real-time. However, it also drains our energy so much that after a Zoom meeting, you’d have no strength left to get things done.

We weren’t getting anything done because we were busy following up with each other’s DMs, messages, emails, and meetings. It was hard to focus because our minds were glued to Slack and real-time meetings all the time.

We’d end up bouncing from one message to another all day long. We even found ourselves feeling FOMO (fear of missing out), religiously checking notifications and updates all the time. While these technologies helped us stay connected even when we were geographically distributed (we love Zoom and Slack for their original purposes!), they did not allow us to have uninterrupted structures of time to focus. As a remote team, we knew that we could not rely on the tools that weren’t even made for us.

Whether knowingly or unknowingly, tools influence and shape a company’s culture. We needed a tool that reflects remote working. We needed an asynchronous tool where discussions and making decisions could happen in a well-structured, organized way. With this tool, people can consume messages and notifications at their own pace and communicate with thoughtful conversations.

If there was such a tool, we could replace the haphazard real-time meetings, communications chopped into single sentences for good. We’d have much more clarity on what needs to be done. This is why we created Hyperinbox, and we became our first paying customers on the day we launched our first version.

Yes, we pay for our own app.

Hyperinbox is designed specifically for remote teams. Teams like us. Teams that want a tool that fits into how remote work works.

Hyperinbox – The New Remote Work Stack

Hyperinbox is an asynchronous collaboration tool for remote teams. It has simple and powerful threads that replace chopped real-time communication. Hyperinbox has a unified inbox that lets you get through notifications quickly.

Simple and powerful threads

Threads are a great way to discuss things and make your decisions asynchronously. Hyperinbox’s threads are simple and easy to use. It uses markdown syntax, which allows you to write without distractions.

Deep work and Inbox Zero

Hyperinbox is a tool that lets you focus on one conversation, one decision, and one notification at a time. It’s optimized for speed, focus, and productivity.

At the center of Hyperinbox is Inbox Zero. We designed the tool to make it stupidly easy to hit Inbox Zero every day. Clear your inbox by hitting Archive (you'll always find archived messages later), and you'll know that you are completely up to date.

Unified Inbox

With the unified inbox you have all your tools in one place – Figma, Gitlab, Github and coming soon Slack, Jira, and Google Drive. Fly through them in one sitting. Never miss a beat again without visiting each app individually.

Private Beta

Sign up for Private Beta by visiting our site. We have a 1:1 personalized onboarding service; you can set up a call with our founders for onboarding.

Fast forward to the future

Our mission is to make remote work awesome. We want remote work to be something people love. Our vision for Hyperinbox is to make you love remote work. Love the way you communicate remotely. Love the way you collaborate remotely.

We’ll be adding new integrations soon: Gmail, Slack, Jira, Asana, Trello, Google Drive, Notion, and many more. Let us know which tools should we integrate first 👉 [email protected].

We hope Hyperinbox becomes a hub for all your tools and communications. It’ll be the place you start and end your day.

Remote teams! Love the way you work. Love the way you communicate. Love the way you collaborate through Hyperinbox! Get early access today. We have limited seats!