1. Organization Assignees


You can now assign a team member to Organizations.

At Relate, we believe in working as DRIs — Directly Responsible Individuals — a concept first introduced by Steve Jobs and Apple. Organization Assignees field allows you to assign the responsibility of that organization to a team member.

You can only assign one person to each Organization, and that’s by design. Sometimes, you might have two people running the account, but even in this case, you should aim to have one person leading and the other supporting.

To assign a team member to an Organization, go to the Organization detail page and edit the Assignee field.

Zapier improvements

You can now use Deal Status Updated and Deal Assignee Updated as triggers.

This will let you use Deal status and assignee changes as Zapier triggers — then you can make other apps like Slack to send a channel message or Gmail to send a new email to the customer.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved overall UX/UI issues
  • Removed People Detail Page
  • Fixed an error where phone number fields aren’t saved when the user creates a new Organization and Person together at once.
  • Fixed an error where Windows users were not able to download the latest version directly from the application
  • Fixed an issue where the Stripe integration page displayed Intercom instead of Stripe
  • Fixed an error where the user cannot update Organization data if the website field had an empty string
  • Fixed an error where the email thread infinitely loads
  • Fixed an error where Relate macOS application produces a JavaScript error
  • Fixed Zapier display error where Relate account information is shown in code instead of the API owner’s email address and name.

Last updated: November 18, 2022