The Collaborative CRM your whole team uses.

Relate is a simple, collaborative
sales platform that makes sales easy.

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Empowering Next-Gen B2B Companies

Lead & Customer management

Collaborate on sales

Work together on sales. Share updates, comment on conversations, and track sales opportunities in one place.
Comment on emails: Drop comments directly on emails or sales notes to exchange ideas, handle customer issues, or loop in everyone on customer conversations.
Share via links: Easily share sales notes with your team for collaboration, feedback, customer discovery, sales engineering, or buy-in.
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deal pipeline management

All your sales
in one place.

Relate makes sales simple by providing an easy-to-use layout for startups and SMBs.

Powerful revenue management
Break your pipeline into multi-stages
Assign deals to sales reps and track their statuses
Smart features

Simple CRM,
Smart sales.

More features don't mean they're better.
Relate makes sales easy by having fewer, but essential and powerful features.
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Filtering & Sorting: Filter and sort by various field types. Use And/Or conditions to get the list you need.
Role Access Control: Manage your workspace with powerful access control.
Powerful Search: Search your contacts anywhere in the app using the Cmd+K navigator.
Seamless Import: Import your previous contacts list with our .CSV import feature.
macOS & Windows: Relate supports both macOS and Windows.
Multi-workspace: Create multiple workspaces to track and manage your investors, vendors, talent pool, etc.

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